Luxury Suites

Our Cornubia Luxury Suites, recently refurbished, are designed for indoor dogs & cats requiring the comfort of indoors. Our suites are large full size bedrooms just like home featuring LCD TV's, Air conditioning & fans, tastefully themed with art, little beds and furniture, even a chandelier!

Your Pet Deserves a Luxury Suite


There is no need to be lonely, with plenty of room for 2 or 3 pets. Even cats, dogs and birds from the same owner can be together in our Luxury Suites. Your dog may enjoy the company of another dog of similar nature and interests for companionship so they enjoy their holiday even more. Canine Guests enjoy exercise and play in grassed and fenced areas each morning and afternoon. Feline Guests have toys and scratching posts to play with and enjoy viewing the gardens and birds from their window. Guests receive lots of cuddles and affection and our professional team of animal lovers often join them to watch TV, specially at lunch time.

Our Luxury Suites feature:


Comfortable Furnishings

Furnishings with comfy beds


High definition LCD TVs

Air Conditioning

A/C to keep them cool in summer or warm in winter

Tasteful Decor

Tastefully themed suites and decor, even chandeliers

Other Services and Information


Veterinary - accident or illness

In the event of accidental injury or illness we have arrangements with the best veterinary clinics in Logan & Redlands who are on call 24 hours if needed. Should your pet require treatment for any reason and the need is non urgent – we will phone you first, if the need is urgent – we phone the vet first. All veterinary fees and transport cost’s to and from the vets are the responsibility of the pet owner, and must be paid prior to the release of the pet.

Pick Up & Delivery

Available Mon – Fri from your home, work or Brisbane airport. See pricing. (Pick up & delivery is not available Weekends, Public holidays, Easter, Christmas/New Year 20th Dec – 5th Jan).

Inspections Welcome

We have an open door policy and you are welcome to call in to view our Luxury Suites, Kennels or Cattery during our opening hours Mon-Sat. No appointment is needed. (Inspections are NOT AVAILABLE Sundays or School Holidays).