Birds & Rodents

In addition to dogs and cats, we also look after Birds, Guinea Pigs, Rats and Mice.

Your Pet Deserves to Enjoy a Good Holiday


Birds, Guinea Pigs, Rats and Mice are kept in their own cage or hutch with the food to be provided by owners. We charge around half the cost of a small dog based on you providing the cage and food.


Other Services and Information


Inspections Welcome

We have an open door policy.......                                                                      you are invited to call in to view our Luxury Suites, Kennels or Cattery. Inspections welcome Mon - Sat during our opening hours except in school holidays, No appointment needed!                                                                    (NO inspections during peak periods - school holidays)

Pick Up & Delivery

Available Mon – Fri from your home, work or Brisbane airport. See pricing. (Pick up & delivery is not available Weekends, Public holidays, Easter, Christmas/New Year 20th Dec – 5th Jan)